Celica - Hippest Hostel in the World

All backpackers must visit youth hostel Celica. Celica (Cell in English) has been transformed from a old prison building. They renovated old cells into interested rooms. Celica was proclaimed for the best hostel by Lonely Planet and in 2006 received award for the‘Hippest Hostel in the World’. It has 20 very artistically restorated ex prison cells with bars on the door and window. You feel inside like in fancy prison. (Dont worry - they will give you key for a room on the reception:))Each cell is unique and had been designed by plenty of artists. Because its extraordinary rooms, Celica is also on the list of most unusual places on Blue List of Lonely planet.

Hostel is located in Metelkova mesto, near Ljubljana main railway station and 5 minutes of walking away from the old town. Metelkova mesto (mesto means city) is place where many concerts and parties are happening. So after party you can easily walk to prison.

Link to Hippest Hostel in the World is here.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

WOW! Pay to prison :-) Do you get 3 meals a day and time in the yard? Interesting concept.

BTW: You have some great photos as usual.

Your friend in Minnesota, SpeedyCat

burja said...

he he you must pay even for prison in this capitalistic times :)
I am glad that we ca blogging for free :)

Yes you can get 3 meals, but i dont know how much hey cost. ;)

Have a great time in Minnesota!

apex said...

After the movie release of 'hostel' something about a hostel that used to be a prison doesn't exactly appeal to me.

burja said...

but appeal thousands of backpackers :) It is the greates hostel I have seen in Europa. And I have have seen hostels in Austria, Poland, Netherland..