Made in Slovenia 4: Gorenje -producer of large Household Appliances with best design

Gorenje is one of the biggest slovenian companies. They produce household appliances and hold 4% share on European market.

Products of Gorenje are high quality, they have 5 year guarantee and awesome design.
Gorenje collaborate with the best industrial designers in the world. For Example: Pininfarina(man who designed Ferrari and Ora Ito, who is designer for worldsmost famous brands. If you have tooooo much money you can also buy Gorenje products with Swarowski crystal. You can see one on first the picture bellow. On other two pictures is Gorenje crazy kitchen, designed by Ora Ito.

link to company Gorenje.


The 3 fastest ways of communication in the world:

Good joke:

The 3 fastest ways of communication in the world:

3. Tele-fax
2. Tele-phone
1. Tell-a-woman

You still want faster?

Tell-a-woman not to tell anyone!!!!


Beastie Boys, original music creativity since 1979

Legendary Beastie Boys released new album. When I was 15 years old I bought one album of Beastie Boys. Probably I bought it just because of the album title - Some old bullshit, a compilation from BB early hardcore times. Beastie Boys started as hardcore punk band in 1979 in New York. Later they changed style and came out with first album named Licensed to ill. Till today Beastie Boys were not capable to record bad album or even a song. Here is one song from new album:


Alpina - Slovenian company 4 - again sport equipment

I already presented you 3 Slovenian companies. I titled this post Slovenian company 4. That means that in future I will present you all interesting companies from Slovenia, one by one. If you are interested in business with Slovenia or you maybe planing import of some products to your country than you will maybe find some advices here.

Slovenia is a small and relatively unknown country. Our companies are mostly small but they are specialists in there field. With this post I am continuing with presenting quality Slovenian companies and to show you that label MADE IN SLOVENIA on product in most cases means that this is a high quality, state of the art product. You probably didn't know this before. If you don't believe me, then you must try our products.

Company I am presenting today is a producer of much more affordable products than previous 3 copmpanies. Alpina It is also a company from sport equipment industry, but they are producing also regular fashion man and woman shoes.

Alpina is interesting, because is world leading producer of cross-country boots, with a 30 percent world share.

In the season 2006/07 sportsmen on Alpina cross-country boots won 16 World Championship medals and and stood 46 times on the podium in the World Cup races.

Besides shoes and cross-country boots, Alpina produce also ski-boots and trekking shoes - especially for mountaineering.

Here are some links if you are eventualy interested in further research:
History of Alpna

Here are some pictures of Alpina products:


Ingemar Stenmark won 86 races on Elan skies

In last two posts I wrote about companies PIPISTREL and SEAWAY. Now I must present you another famous slovenian company from sport industry, which is also one of world top quality producer and received many prestigious awards for quality and design. This company is called ELAN - producer of skiing equipment, snowboards,yachts and mountain bikes.

ELAN is old company with strong brand name. Like Shipman63 from SEAWAY, which was awarded for European yacht of the year 2006, Elans skis last year received award for European best skis. Ski Speedwawe won 2006 European Ski Award.

Many famous sportsmen using or were using Elan sport equipment. For example: Swede Ingemar Stenmark won 86 races in the Alpine Skiing World Cup on ELAN skies.

Besides skis, Elan produce also awesome snowboards, yachts and mountain bikes. Here are link to some sites:


Seaway, Company which produced yacht of the year 2006: Shipman 63

Skagen motor yacht produced by Seaway

I previous post I wrote about aircraft producer Pipistrel, company awarded by NASA. Today I will tell you something about another successful company from Slovenia.

SEAWAY based on J&J design studio created in 1983 by Jernej and Japec Jakopin is world leading boat development company.

Seaway has two different product. One is SHIPMAN - Technological State of the art line of carbon sailing yachts and the other is SKAGEN - motor yachts. On the picture bellow is Shipman 63 (European yacht of the year 2006.)

an off course links to the seaway site, if you maybe want to buy some ship:)


Slovenian aircraft company Pipistrel received award from NASA

Picture is taken from www.pipistrel.si

Pipistrel is Slovenian producer of light aircraft. Model VIRUS received award for the best light airplane

Part of article about NASA award and Pipistrel from CNet news:
After all of the race data was tallied Saturday, NASA named its winners in the evening. The grand prize of $100,000 went to the team flying a slightly modified short-wing Pipistrel Virus, a Slovenia-built sport aircraft that's only recently been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and which sells for about $70,000. That plane, flown by an Australian pilot who works for Pipistrel, also won $25,000 for the best short-take off, and another $25,000 for the efficiency challenge. The Australian pilot Michael Coates called the plane the "Prius of airplanes" not because it's a hybrid but because it can go as fast as 170 mph and get 50 miles to the gallon. Link for whole article is here:
Article about Pipistrel on Cnet.


Celica - Hippest Hostel in the World

All backpackers must visit youth hostel Celica. Celica (Cell in English) has been transformed from a old prison building. They renovated old cells into interested rooms. Celica was proclaimed for the best hostel by Lonely Planet and in 2006 received award for the‘Hippest Hostel in the World’. It has 20 very artistically restorated ex prison cells with bars on the door and window. You feel inside like in fancy prison. (Dont worry - they will give you key for a room on the reception:))Each cell is unique and had been designed by plenty of artists. Because its extraordinary rooms, Celica is also on the list of most unusual places on Blue List of Lonely planet.

Hostel is located in Metelkova mesto, near Ljubljana main railway station and 5 minutes of walking away from the old town. Metelkova mesto (mesto means city) is place where many concerts and parties are happening. So after party you can easily walk to prison.

Link to Hippest Hostel in the World is here.

WorldClock - very interesting



Highway Ljubljana - Maribor

Yesterday I was traveling on relation Ljubljana - Maribor an I took some pictures from the car. I also catch some vineyards, where awesome drink is raised :)


Friedensreich Hundertwasser - The best know temporary Austrian artist

Hundertwasser died in year 2000. He was modern Austrian artist. Some pictures here.
His name means Peace-Kingdom Hundred-Water.