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Slovenian wines are awesome

In one of previous posts I promised to write something about Slovenian superb wines and wine culture. Slovenia has a long wine tradition. Slovenian wines are not as famous as French or Californian, because of a very small production. We can not export our wine trough all over the world, because we drink almost whole production :) Average Slovenian drinks 40 liters of vine per year.

There are 3 different wine regions in Slovenia. In Maribor(second biggest city in the country)grows the oldest vine in the world. It is 440 years old and still looks awesome - check the photo bellow:

In theese 3 wine regions 100 millions liter of wine is produced. The biggest vine growing companies are Vinakoper
(Cellar of Vinakoper stores 7 millions liters of vine), VinaKras, Vino Brežice, Vinag,....

The biggest wine cellar is Goriška Brda with capacity of 18 million liters of Wine. Important wine cellars are also Krško, Ptujska vinska klet and

There are also many small but exclusive wine producers, like for example Movia,and Simčič. Here you can find the list of Slovenian winegrowers.

more about slovenian vines

I recommend to visit Osmica to try domestic Slovenian wines and food. Osmica is a prepared every year by many wine farmers and it lasts just 8 days. Winegrowers prepares parties with food and wine in wine cellar 8 day in a row.
Some links:

List of Osmica - wine places

Osmica Jakomin


Vienna photos

Today i made short photo trip in Vienna old town, here are some photos:


Visit Slovenia 8 - Velika Planina

Velika Planina is a very beautiful village, great to go in summer as well for skiing in the vinter time. Short english presentation is available on this link:
Presentation of Velika Planina

Shrek the father


Parlament Vienna

Austrian Parliament was built by architect Baron Theophil von Hansen. Building is build in Greek style and is located in center of Vienna near Hofburg Imperial Palace and the Palace of Justice. I parliament is many rooms. We saw chambers of the national council, federal council and the house of representatives. Building was used by Emperor Franz Joseph I and Austro - Hungarian empire.


Schlumberger - the biggest sparkling wine producing company from Vienna

I am attending International Summer University in Vienna and today we visit very interesting company - wine producing company :)

A little history:

Robert Schlumberger was the first producer of sparkling wine in Austria. He was born in Germany, Stuttgart and was director of Ruinart, one of the best champagne houses in Reims, France. Later he started to produce champagne - wine ("Schaumwein") in Austria by using French method but Austrian grapes.

Schlumberger company was founded in 1842 and started production in Bad Vöslau, a small town south of Vienna situated in a wine-growing region. In 1843 he married Mathilde Kirchner, the daughter of a wealthy factory owner, an alliance which helped him finance his business venture. Mathilde Kirchner was also a reason that he mowed to Vienna (romantic story...)

Today is Schlumberger one of the leading producers of sparkling wine in Austria. In 1973, the company was taken over by Underberg. Warehouse capacity are about 6.000.000
bottles and they sell 3 millions bottles of sparkling wine per year.

Schlumberger sparkling wine is very good and quality, but beacause this blog is
called True mix from Slovenia i must write down that cant compete with Slovenian wines. They simply don't have so much sun in Austria and we have special soil on Carst named Terra Rosa (red soil). More about Slovenian wines in one of next posts. Temporary my blog will be True mix from Austria :)


Report from Vienna

Vienna is beautiful and although it has 2 million inhabitants there is not crowded and thanks to good organized public transport is very easy to moving trough the city. I live in Neue Donau district. This location is one of the best in Vienna. 100 meters from me is underground, 50 meters away is bus. There is a lot of parks around and many possibilities for recreations; swimming in river Danube, playing tennis, table tennis, jogging,... Vienna is really clean and tidy town. Yesterday I saw rabbit not far away from the underground station. From few hundred meters high sky towers and huge buildings in Vienna international center you need just 5-10 minutes and you are located in a beautiful park with huge trees.


Pictures from Vienna:


Price of a beer

Summer is a time of traveling, before you go you have to calculate costs of a trip:)

See where is cheaper :) for you:

Pint price

Visit Slovenia 7- Cerkniško jezero (lake)

Cerknisko jezero is an intermittent lake and covers 26 km2 when is full - even up to 38 km2!. It is 10 km long and 5 km wide. That makes it the largest lake in Slovenia. ( www.burger.si ).

Cekniško lake is not interesting only because of its nature beauty, but also because of
Carst characteristics. This lake has got a sinkhole and sometimes water goes bellow the surface, then you can see interesting lake ground.

If you want to see some awesome pictures then go on this link and scroll down: www.ramsar.org.


Partyslava - Bartislava - Bratislava

Pictures from my trip to Bratislava, also some text comming soon...

man at work

View from castle



Summer 2007 fashion hit

lets go to the sea :)

Fancy car with rich history is comming back

There is not many cars in the world, which can find place on my blog, but this one is very special. The legendary Italian car Fiat 500 (cinquecento. Prodution of Fiat 500 starts in 1957. Recently (50 years after that time) Fiat develop new Fiat 500. This car is very original not like many others, which are mostly looking like twins with changed logo. I especially like this car, because long time ago in times when Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia 90% of all cars was almost like this Fiat 500. Fiat in Yugoslavia was called Zastava 750 and was produced by factory Zavodi Crvena Zastava under the Fiat license of Fiat 600.

1. picture: old Fiat 500
2. picture: Fiat 600 (Zastava 750), which was produced in Yugoslavia
3. picture: New beautiful Fiat 500