VISIT SLOVENIA 2 - Slovenian coast

In previous post I presented to you two Slovenian caves. Because from Postonjska cave is only one hour and from Škocjan cave is only half hour to the Adriatic sea, I will today tell you something about short Slovenian coast. Slovenian coast is shorter than 50 kilometers. There are 4 larger cities on the coast: Koper, Izola, Piran, Portorož. Koper is the largest, its about 30.000 inhabitants in Koper. Koper is economical center of this region and also university city. University of Primorska has around 7000 students, but number of students grows fast.

Pretorian palace on the main square in Koper

If you are visiting Slovenian coast during summer you can enjoy in numerous cultural events and party events. I would recommend you to go in Izola on cinema festival named Kino otok. If you are interested in movies,you will find more information about
program on this link: film festival in Izola.

Old town Koper

Piran is picturesque small old city. It is nice for easy walking through the city and drinking beer in the pubs, and few kilometers away is Portorož - the most popular touristic point at our sea. Portorož is very popular amongst young people and also older population, but Izola and Koper are much more interesting places for me.


I wanted to write longer post about our coast, but because I am very tired today and because our coast is just 46 kilometers long also my post today will be very short :)
maybe I will upgrade this post in next days.



Today I am starting with serial posting about Slovenia named VISIT SLOVENIA. In this posts I will write about 10 touristic points, which you must visit when you come to Slovenia. First post is about very famous touristic attraction in Slovenia - caves. I will describe the longest and most famous - Postonjska jama and the most beautiful - Škocjanske jame.


Postojnska Jama is the largest and the most widely known of around 7000 caves in Slovenia. Since opening in 1819 Postonjska jama attracted more than 30 million visitors from all over the world. Cave is compounded from a network of more than 20 kilometers of tunnels, caverns and chambers. Postojnska caves are very beautiful but for many people to touristy. There is to much crowded with tourists and inside also drives electric train. If you visit Postojnska jama then you should also see castle Predjamski grad. (Castle not far away from cave. Here is link for all information about Postonjska jama : Postonjska jama


Škocjan caves are located on a half way from city Postojna to the adriatic sea and city Koper . River Reka flows through the cave. If you don't have time to go to both caves I would rather choose Škocjan caves then Potojnska caves, because it is not so commercial and it is not so many visitors and you can enjoy the beauty of the cave in peace. you will get information about Škocjanske jame if you click on this link: beautiful cave


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INTRO to Slovenia

I next ten posts I will write about ten most interesting touristic places in Slovenia. This posts will be about well known and attractive touristic points. But for intro of this posting, I am presenting you small hill near Žiri (Willage where I live).

This hill is called Mrzli vrh and is about 1000 m above sea level height. Is not famous touristic point (you will not meet more than 5 people during walking to the hill), but it is interesting to go on Mrli vrh if you are staying in Slovenia for a longer time.




View on river Sora

It is not to talk a lot about Mrzli vrh - it is just hill and beautifull nature. It is about 1 hour easy walking to the peak.
ROAD INSTRUCTIONS: LJUBLJANA - ŠKOFJA LOKA - ŽIRI and in Žiri ask for Ledinica. If you will maybe someday really going to Mrzli vrh then send me an email for details.
Pictures in post are from my yesterday´s trip to Mrzli vrh. My next post will be about one of the famous touristic points in Slovenia. Postonjska jama and Škocjanske jame.



This summer I will spent in Vienna.
Vienna is economical and cultural center of
Central Europe. Here you can find some information
add pictures, if you are interested in visiting Vienna someday:
Vienna informations

Vienna is beautiful city, but when you will come in Vienna you will be
very near to Slovenia an you must visit us :) I am sure you wont be sorry.

Slovenia is small country, but it prouds itself by unique biodiversity
In Slovenia you need one hour to come from sea to the mountains - Alps.
We have beautiful caves. Most famous are Postonjska jama and Škocjanske jame
Postonjska jama is known as the longest caves on the world, but Škocjanske
Jame is more beautiful cave.

I next posts I will wrote about famous Slovenian touristic places : Adriatic sea,
caves, mountains, I will describe most interesting Slovenian cities,...

Here is one video about Slovenia from youtube for first taste of Slovenia:


Anna Dabrowska

2 videos of famous polish singer

Ana Dabrowska again



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