Today I am starting with serial posting about Slovenia named VISIT SLOVENIA. In this posts I will write about 10 touristic points, which you must visit when you come to Slovenia. First post is about very famous touristic attraction in Slovenia - caves. I will describe the longest and most famous - Postonjska jama and the most beautiful - Škocjanske jame.


Postojnska Jama is the largest and the most widely known of around 7000 caves in Slovenia. Since opening in 1819 Postonjska jama attracted more than 30 million visitors from all over the world. Cave is compounded from a network of more than 20 kilometers of tunnels, caverns and chambers. Postojnska caves are very beautiful but for many people to touristy. There is to much crowded with tourists and inside also drives electric train. If you visit Postojnska jama then you should also see castle Predjamski grad. (Castle not far away from cave. Here is link for all information about Postonjska jama : Postonjska jama


Škocjan caves are located on a half way from city Postojna to the adriatic sea and city Koper . River Reka flows through the cave. If you don't have time to go to both caves I would rather choose Škocjan caves then Potojnska caves, because it is not so commercial and it is not so many visitors and you can enjoy the beauty of the cave in peace. you will get information about Škocjanske jame if you click on this link: beautiful cave


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