Who is the worst animal on planet?

Eighty-five percent of the fur industry’s skins come from animals living captive on fur factory farms.(PETA)

watch video to see whoo is the worst animal on planet.


How can woman find a man.

Advertising idea - How can woman find a man.


Slovenia has new president.

Today we elected new president. New president of Slovenia is Danilo Türk PhD, candidate of Social democrats and Central left party Zares.

Ekaterina Tudegescheva will compete for slovenian company Goltes

Snowboard women world champion Ekaterina Tudegescheva will next year ride on snowboard made by slovenian companyGoltes. Goltes is a small producer of state of the art snowboard equipment. Member of Goltes snowboard team is also Slovenian Rok Flander - one of the best snowboarder in the world. He competes in Parallel Giant Slalom and Parales Slalom.


awesome high tech car doesn`t need driver

I would like to have this car - Chevrolet Tahoe. WHY? Because you dont need drive.
At University Carnegie Mellon build in robot in this car.

2 days ago was a robot-cars competition - DARPA Grand Challenge and Chevrolet Tahoe won race.

Can you imagine??!! You get drunk on a party and no problems with driving home.



Castle House in London will produce its own electricity

In London they will build great skyscraper with power station on roof, namedCastle House