This summer I will spent in Vienna.
Vienna is economical and cultural center of
Central Europe. Here you can find some information
add pictures, if you are interested in visiting Vienna someday:
Vienna informations

Vienna is beautiful city, but when you will come in Vienna you will be
very near to Slovenia an you must visit us :) I am sure you wont be sorry.

Slovenia is small country, but it prouds itself by unique biodiversity
In Slovenia you need one hour to come from sea to the mountains - Alps.
We have beautiful caves. Most famous are Postonjska jama and Škocjanske jame
Postonjska jama is known as the longest caves on the world, but Škocjanske
Jame is more beautiful cave.

I next posts I will wrote about famous Slovenian touristic places : Adriatic sea,
caves, mountains, I will describe most interesting Slovenian cities,...

Here is one video about Slovenia from youtube for first taste of Slovenia:

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