INTRO to Slovenia

I next ten posts I will write about ten most interesting touristic places in Slovenia. This posts will be about well known and attractive touristic points. But for intro of this posting, I am presenting you small hill near Žiri (Willage where I live).

This hill is called Mrzli vrh and is about 1000 m above sea level height. Is not famous touristic point (you will not meet more than 5 people during walking to the hill), but it is interesting to go on Mrli vrh if you are staying in Slovenia for a longer time.




View on river Sora

It is not to talk a lot about Mrzli vrh - it is just hill and beautifull nature. It is about 1 hour easy walking to the peak.
ROAD INSTRUCTIONS: LJUBLJANA - ŠKOFJA LOKA - ŽIRI and in Žiri ask for Ledinica. If you will maybe someday really going to Mrzli vrh then send me an email for details.
Pictures in post are from my yesterday´s trip to Mrzli vrh. My next post will be about one of the famous touristic points in Slovenia. Postonjska jama and Škocjanske jame.

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