Slovenian wines are awesome

In one of previous posts I promised to write something about Slovenian superb wines and wine culture. Slovenia has a long wine tradition. Slovenian wines are not as famous as French or Californian, because of a very small production. We can not export our wine trough all over the world, because we drink almost whole production :) Average Slovenian drinks 40 liters of vine per year.

There are 3 different wine regions in Slovenia. In Maribor(second biggest city in the country)grows the oldest vine in the world. It is 440 years old and still looks awesome - check the photo bellow:

In theese 3 wine regions 100 millions liter of wine is produced. The biggest vine growing companies are Vinakoper
(Cellar of Vinakoper stores 7 millions liters of vine), VinaKras, Vino Brežice, Vinag,....

The biggest wine cellar is Goriška Brda with capacity of 18 million liters of Wine. Important wine cellars are also Krško, Ptujska vinska klet and

There are also many small but exclusive wine producers, like for example Movia,and Simčič. Here you can find the list of Slovenian winegrowers.

more about slovenian vines

I recommend to visit Osmica to try domestic Slovenian wines and food. Osmica is a prepared every year by many wine farmers and it lasts just 8 days. Winegrowers prepares parties with food and wine in wine cellar 8 day in a row.
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