Fancy car with rich history is comming back

There is not many cars in the world, which can find place on my blog, but this one is very special. The legendary Italian car Fiat 500 (cinquecento. Prodution of Fiat 500 starts in 1957. Recently (50 years after that time) Fiat develop new Fiat 500. This car is very original not like many others, which are mostly looking like twins with changed logo. I especially like this car, because long time ago in times when Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia 90% of all cars was almost like this Fiat 500. Fiat in Yugoslavia was called Zastava 750 and was produced by factory Zavodi Crvena Zastava under the Fiat license of Fiat 600.

1. picture: old Fiat 500
2. picture: Fiat 600 (Zastava 750), which was produced in Yugoslavia
3. picture: New beautiful Fiat 500

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