Slovenian aircraft company Pipistrel received award from NASA

Picture is taken from www.pipistrel.si

Pipistrel is Slovenian producer of light aircraft. Model VIRUS received award for the best light airplane

Part of article about NASA award and Pipistrel from CNet news:
After all of the race data was tallied Saturday, NASA named its winners in the evening. The grand prize of $100,000 went to the team flying a slightly modified short-wing Pipistrel Virus, a Slovenia-built sport aircraft that's only recently been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and which sells for about $70,000. That plane, flown by an Australian pilot who works for Pipistrel, also won $25,000 for the best short-take off, and another $25,000 for the efficiency challenge. The Australian pilot Michael Coates called the plane the "Prius of airplanes" not because it's a hybrid but because it can go as fast as 170 mph and get 50 miles to the gallon. Link for whole article is here:
Article about Pipistrel on Cnet.


B5 said...

I was in their production hall. It's quite something. Small, but intelligent place. A lot of planes like that where I live. PIPITREL'S Taurus plane will super rock and now they are testing a first electrical plane.


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