Ingemar Stenmark won 86 races on Elan skies

In last two posts I wrote about companies PIPISTREL and SEAWAY. Now I must present you another famous slovenian company from sport industry, which is also one of world top quality producer and received many prestigious awards for quality and design. This company is called ELAN - producer of skiing equipment, snowboards,yachts and mountain bikes.

ELAN is old company with strong brand name. Like Shipman63 from SEAWAY, which was awarded for European yacht of the year 2006, Elans skis last year received award for European best skis. Ski Speedwawe won 2006 European Ski Award.

Many famous sportsmen using or were using Elan sport equipment. For example: Swede Ingemar Stenmark won 86 races in the Alpine Skiing World Cup on ELAN skies.

Besides skis, Elan produce also awesome snowboards, yachts and mountain bikes. Here are link to some sites:

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