Alpina - Slovenian company 4 - again sport equipment

I already presented you 3 Slovenian companies. I titled this post Slovenian company 4. That means that in future I will present you all interesting companies from Slovenia, one by one. If you are interested in business with Slovenia or you maybe planing import of some products to your country than you will maybe find some advices here.

Slovenia is a small and relatively unknown country. Our companies are mostly small but they are specialists in there field. With this post I am continuing with presenting quality Slovenian companies and to show you that label MADE IN SLOVENIA on product in most cases means that this is a high quality, state of the art product. You probably didn't know this before. If you don't believe me, then you must try our products.

Company I am presenting today is a producer of much more affordable products than previous 3 copmpanies. Alpina It is also a company from sport equipment industry, but they are producing also regular fashion man and woman shoes.

Alpina is interesting, because is world leading producer of cross-country boots, with a 30 percent world share.

In the season 2006/07 sportsmen on Alpina cross-country boots won 16 World Championship medals and and stood 46 times on the podium in the World Cup races.

Besides shoes and cross-country boots, Alpina produce also ski-boots and trekking shoes - especially for mountaineering.

Here are some links if you are eventualy interested in further research:
History of Alpna

Here are some pictures of Alpina products:

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