Visit Slovenia 5 Capital Ljubljana

If you come in Slovenia, you of course have to visit capital Ljubljana. Ljubljana has approximately 300.000 habitants. Trough Ljubljana flows river Ljubljanica. ljubljana is Located in the center of Slovenia and if you are coming for a longer time to Slovenia is Ljubljana the best location to stay. you need 1 hour from Ljubljana to the sea and approximately half hour to the first ski center (Krvavec. From Ljubljana is also half hour to Postojna Caves, 1 hour to Bled and a little more then 1 hour to Tolmin (see my previous posts named Visit Slovenia, if you don't know how this places).

Ljubljana has got thriving cultural and night life, there is many clubs and concert places (Orto Club, K4, Križanke, Tivoli) and locals which are open long in the night. Perhaps the most famous is Metelkova mesto - rock city with around ten clubs, where happens numerous activities. Numerous festivals happens through all year (music festivals, kino festivals,... If you are interested in architecture - Ljubljana was built by the same architect as Prague, Jože Plečnik

Click to see Old town and Ljubljana castle .

Places you must see, when you visit Ljubljana:
-Old town
-Zmajski most
-Park Tivoli

-Druga godba
-LIFFE, movie festival
-Trnfest - in august in Trnovo, near old town
-Veseli december( happy december - 1 month celebration of new year)
-Študenstska tržnica (student party)
-majske igre (student year end party: lasts whole may:)
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