Primož Trubar - big reformator

Primož Trubar (June 9, 1508 – June 28, 1586) was a Slovenian Protestant reformer and the founder of the Protestant Church of Slovenia, a consolidator of the Slovenian language and the author of the first printed book in Slovenian.

While he was a Protestant preacher in Rothenburg, Bavaria, Germany, he wrote the first book in Slovenian, Catechismus and Abecedarium, which was published in 1550 in Tübingen, Germany. In the following years, he authored around 25 more books in Slovenian; the most important of them is the translation of the complete New Testament.

Trubar died in Derendingen, Germany (now part of the city of Tübingen), where he is also buried.

Portait of Primož Trubar is also on Slovenian 1-euro coin.

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