Janez Puh - Johann Puch - big inventor

Inventor Janez Puh (German:Johann Puch) was born on 27th June 1862 in Slovenian willage Juršinci. He was visiting primary school pri Lovrencu, later he was studying in towns Ptuj and Maribor. After Ptuj and Maribor he went on practice to Vienna and Germany and returned back to home in 1882.

In 1885 Puh moved to Graz where was working in a biycle workshop. In this period he made many improvements and innovations for bicycles.

In 1889 founded his own company named Styria VVerke and started with production of biycles named Styria.

1899 Puh together with manufacturer Werner bought old mill in southern part of Graz and founded first Puh factory (Erste Steiermarkrische Fahrradfabrik Johann Puch, A.C.)

1901 Puh factory produced first motorcycle and just 3 years later in 1904, he started wit production of cars. In 1912, the factory employed 1100 workers and was producing 300 cars, 300 motorcycles and 16,000 bicycles per year. Puch successfully obtained patents for more than 35 inventions and improvements. he had developed 21 different types of cars, lorries, buses and also some other specialized vehicles. He died on July 19, 1914 in Zagreb, Croatia.

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