In Mcdrive with horse

Mcdrive, I dont know where from, but very funy :) source: www.stari.ro


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Speedcat Hollydale in the house...and you have a whole new look and feel over here. I too, want to take the drive-thru on a hourse :-) Of couse, I will be wearing chaps, sunglasses, a holster with cap guns, and a wide brim cowboy hat. "Stick um` up...and give me all your chicken", I would say.

LESBIAN COWS???? Oh my goodness, this I have never, never seen b4. Hooo Heeeee

Thanks for the stop today, and I'm glad I stopped at your place, you silly person!!!!

BURYA IS GOOD: SpeedyCat ^^-

burja said...

he he thanks Speedy:)

sfgirl said...

HAR! This is such a cool pic! Great site, Burja! I enjoyed stopping by... :)