Dirk Nowitzki didnt have a chance or Slovenia has awesome basketball team

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees after match with Turkey our team yesterday won against Germany. MBA star Dirk Nowitzki scored just 16 points (his average on Eurobasket2007 is more than 28,) beacause of slovenian though defense. Basketball team from Slovenia, country with population of just 2 million already defeated 5 national teams (Italy, France, Turkey, Poland and Germay).

Slovenia was better than Germany from first till last second of the game! At the end of first quarter Slovenia lead 21 points!!!! - After 10 minutes of game. 4 minutes before end we had advantage of 36 points!!!! can you imagine?? :) :) 36 points of advantage against European vice-champion team.

Thats why Slovenian selector AleŇ° Pipan gave opportunity to young players and we play
last 4 or 5 minutes with our weakest players. End score was 77:47.

Tommorow we play wit Lithuania, the only undefeated team on Eurobasket2007 besides Slovenia.

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Milton Chai said...

Dirk will come back this NBA season!!

I added your link to my site already.
hope to see mine on yours too


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