Today I have time and I decided to write a post about about after new year trip to Poland. I love beautiful city Torun, which is located in the heart of Poland, about 150 kilometers west from Warsaw. During the study time I have been living half of the year in this marvelous gothic town.

We were planning to visit Torun for a new year, but because of illness we transfer trip to 1.1.2007.

How small is the world today. Me and my friend from secondary school Robi went to train at 14 o clock in the afternoon and after a few bottles of wine liker and just 20 hours of driving we were 1300 km away in Poland.

Torun is famous by many things. It is the most beautiful city I know. I am sure that in Torun no tourist will be disappointed. There is plenty of interest building, museums and historical things and a lot of hotels in the old town and a lot of clubs, pubs and party places. Thats why in Torun will enjoy older tourists as well young people who are more interested in night life.

At the begining Robert shows the most interest in second tourist characteristic of city and we decided to try all those Tyskies, Zwyiec, Lech, Kasztelan, Warka, Zubr, Okocim and similar trade marks which I know wery well from my previous visits of Torun. I recommend clubs where serve the best tyskie:) : Pod Aniolem, JazzGood, Odnova (near university campus)
Moskwa, Kredens, Szwejk, Stara babcia, Kuranty. If you want to go to a good meal go to Gesia Szjya, delicious pancakes are served in a restaurant on the old square near Poczta. Best pizza is in Monte negro - take bus 27, alight from bus at station Bartkiewy czowny, you will see yellow shop called Biedronka and ask someone for direction in very near.

Torun is also famous for cookies made out of honey. If you are in Torun you have to buy it, they are known as pierniki.

This was my short first post. Previous one was not post but just a commercial for Agloco. I hope I will write 2 post per month in English. It will be quite task for me, because I am not native speaker. I apologize for my mistakes. I would like to check what I have written, but I dont have time to do this. If I made some big mistakes or if you dont understand some parts of article, please feel free to tell me about.

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