Maribor has awesome festival

Mariboris Slovenian second biggest town. It is the capital of eastearn part of the state. City is nice, especialy in the summer happens a lot in Maribor. In Maribor every year happens big 14 day festival called LENT. On festival LENT is 18 stages and every night you can find something for yourselve. You can visit theatres, concerts and other shows. I like LENT because cultural programme is on a very high level and you will never find some Spice girls wanna be band on this Festival. Bellow you can find some pictures from MAribor. Firs pictures is a map of stages on Festival lent, which I found on LENT website. Others photos are taken by me. There are pictures of MAribor in early morning hour, when there was no people on streets and the last photo is from one awesome show from LENT.


Yenna said...

I hope I'll visit Slovenia some day. Your country must be very interesting and beautiful :-)

Buryya said...

Witam Yenna,

You are welcome :)It is not so far away from Poland - just 8-9-10 hours with car and you are here...

milego wikendu!

coolingstar9 said...

wow,14 day festival LENT. This 18 stages and every night really exciting that we can find something for ourselve.
This is really great to visit theatres, concerts and other shows.
It is really a high level cultural programme that I wish to see one day.
Thanks for the information, have a nice day, see you on my blogs.