Best young slovenian company

I didnt present any slovenian company for a long time. So its is time to present one to the my dear BURYYA worldwide audience.

ACIES BIO is biotechnology contract research organization offering state-of-the-art R&D services to pharmaceutical, biotech, food and chemical industries. They provide different research and development services, ranging from manipulation of secondary metabolite biosynthesis, strain improvement programmes, metabolic engineering and biotransformation to media optimisation, fermentation and downstream process development.

They work in the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology, Acies Bio positions itself in one the most perspective areas where there is an increasing demand for fast, reliable and state-of-the-art R&D services in the global outsourcing market. They coorporate with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies as well as major food companies,

Acies Bio wins the prestigious business award for the best young company in Slovenia on the 28th annual conference on entrepreneurship and innovation PODIM in Maribor.

By the way, pharmaceutical industry is also very well developed in Slovenia. We have two international pharmaceutical coorporation. One is named LEK and the other KRKA

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